“When Make Believe Creates Attention”

By G. Randall Freelance Contributor-AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)©️2020

No one could ever say that I wasn’t the center of attention. Why? Because I placed myself in the limelight of my impromptu imagination.

I was 7 years and the neighborhood girls were always scuttling about laughing, chatting and playing games. We all had a best friend and my best friend was Celia. Every Summer day, Celia and I would sit on her front steps refreshing ourselves in our thoughts on becoming who we wanted to be and what we wanted to be.

When my Aunt Doris came over on her Summer visit and brought me 70 dolls, I was flabbergasted! There were baby dolls, a Campbell soup doll, rag dolls, teenage dolls, ethnic dolls, talking dolls, walking dolls, I became a storyteller, a queen, a mommy and most of all, I had become hysterical and idealistic.

After lunch with my Mom, Dad and Doris, I took five of my new dolls over to Celia’s house. Celia was so excited, knowing and hoping that she could have a doll or two. And, Celia reminded me that she was my best friend. But I never told Celia a word about my Aunt Doris bringing me dolls and I never told Celia that I was going to give her any of my dolls, either, I kept Celia on her toes, hoping and believing.

With no hesitation, she helped me display the dolls on her porch wall. And, as soon as all of the little girls saw my dolls, they came over with haste and began asking me questions on where I got the dolls. But, I didn’t tell them. The neighborhood girls had fallen in love with my dolls, and, I felt powerful!

On the following three days, I showed the neighborhood girls more of my dolls, at least five more, each day. The girls were enthralled and that’s when they began begging me to tell them where I had got them.

Then I suddenly I became the brainchild of keenness, and that’s when doll adventure thoughts took hold of my mind. And I told my inquisitive little neighborhood friends that I knew of a secret doll factory and that I might take them there, if they were extremely nice to me.

And that is when I became their queen and they became my servants.

My royalty continued on for approximately one year.


But, although I was given many gifts and shown great depths of kindness and generosity, I started growing bored with the royal treatment. And that was until one day, when my Mom asked me to phone the time verification, for her. And I did. Then suddenly I had another bright idea!

I skipped outside where the girls were huddle into a game play and i said to them, “my mom asked me to phone the time verification for her, and guess what happened”? Their eyes and mouths widened with eagerness and they all began saying what? what? what? And that’s when I told them that for some reason the time verification was in China and they all yelped “what do you mean? What do you mean?” “Well”, I said “after dialing the time verification, the answer came with a vibrating “gong” and some lady kept repeating the time in Chinese.

The girls were astonished and wanted me to call the time again so that they could hear. I suggested they use their own phones. If I could accidentally phone the Chinese time verification so could they. Amazingly, they all made numerous attempts but China never answered. The year was 1963.

The story never ended because little girl queens grow up and continue wearing their crowns.

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