A Great Blend Of Memories

If you ENJOY SHARING THE MANY DISTINCTIVE MEMORIES OF an America gone by, then, let’s reminisce…songs, traditions and special times.


Our Theme at America On Coffee great music: AmericaOnCoffee

Laugh with us at BarefeetBaristasArePeerk’d: AND, POUR YOURSELF A CUP OF HUMOR!

Pray with us at Tower and Flights: TowerAndFlights

Evangelize and lift up your fellow brethren, to be strong in God for the prayerful fight against all evil, corruption and judicial tyrants at (Rush Hour) previously aka: AWOLL changed now to Rush Hour**

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17 thoughts on “A Great Blend Of Memories

  1. Thank you for leading me to this delightful site – I’m afraid my own blog that you just kindly “Followed” is moribund and much in need of stimulating coffee.

  2. Thank you so much America On Coffee for reblogging my post. I appreciate it so much. You might get some slack for that one, so you are brave for doing that. Thanks again. I do love the variety of topics you cover. Movies and music, my two favorite subjectts.

  3. Hi there. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

  4. Love your site! Love the collective memories you share here. Someone from my generation…I think, when life was a lot more fun!

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the follow. Looking forward to more exciting posts. With your goals, it should make for an interesting adventure.

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