Film students and movie buffs everywhere are searching for the lost music and history compositions of The Fabulous 52.
The Fabulous 52 aired each Saturday night (11:30) on KNXT’s Channel 2 ( late 1950s/Los Angeles) showing its big, bold title superimposed upon the well-lit, KNXT/CBS studio. Who can forget the spot-aerial lights that stretched out into the starry night skies?
A beautiful orchestra flaired ” The High and the Mighty” an unforgettable, classical, opening.

Both the music and studio imagery gave prominence to many of Hollywood’s greatest performances. The Fabulous 52 is remembered as a most impressive television, feature film presentation of the late 1950s.


Referencing “Broadcasting Telecasting (Jan-Mar 1959), ” Tv Movie Missionary • Starlet, Sandy Warner holds up some of the Paramount footage KNXT (TV) Los Angeles charged her with promoting for a movie splash starting this week.

To herald 12 major motion pictures premiering on KNXT, “Miss Paramount Week” has been calling on the press, riding in holiday parades, appearing at public functions and posing for lots of pictures.

Backing up its front woman, KNXT sent up a plane over the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl parade with an exclusive sky-writing franchise to reach an expected 1.5 million parade watchers. Also in the Paramount Week promotion kit: $50,000 worth of air promotion time, 18,000 lines in local newspapers, four pages in Tv Guide, giant bus posters, market cards, direct mail, bottle labels, billboards and a full- scale publicity campaign in newspapers and magazines.

The 12 Paramount Week features are being shown on the weeknight Early Show and Big Hit Movies, Saturday’s Fabulous 52 show and a Sunday film program.
Paramount Week movies star: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Fredric March, Herbert Marshall, Barbara Stanwyck, Jack Benny, Fred MacMurray, Claudette Colbert, Marlene Dietrich and others. Each and every feature film in this distinguished group offers a sales and rating dream and top-flight stars of first-rate pictures:


Richard Conte


Betty Grable, Dan Dailey


Tyrone Power, Myrna Loy


Gene Tierney, Don Ameche


Clark Gable, Loretta Young


Fredric March, Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart, Lee J. Cobb

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**High and the Mighty theme song

4 thoughts on “THE FABULOUS 52 

  1. Saturday night was date night for my parents. I’d have to babysit my younger sister. What babysat me was The Fabulous 52. “30 seconds over Tokyo,” “The African Queen,” I loved them all. What a great array of wonderful movies.

  2. At first I said No-oo… But this is the music. I don’t remember the whistling as much as the symphonic music; nevertheless, this is the song. The rare version may be exact. Thank you Mari McNamee for this resolve. Have an awesome week ahead! ❤

  3. Hi, the theme for Fabulous 52 was “High and Mighty.” There is a rare version by a guy with the last name Muller. I think that’s what they used as there theme.

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