A Town Called Blue (yesterday in your heart)

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Precious memories are eventful consisting of colors, fragrances, sounds and/or descriptive words that stimulate our senses and give vision to past experiences.Our USA times and culture are treasured in many ways.

Without history there is no nostalgia; without nostalgia, there is no history.Keepsakes of all kinds (an artifact, documents, etc.), breathe life into the story tells of memories, enabling shares thru media and other forms of communication. And, do they ever relieve stifled hearts and minds.

Ask any oldtimer and he would agree, that it is such a fascination to re-experience those special moments in time.

Blue is my folly of an nostalgic-American suburb in the heart of yesterday. It’s like a painting, of a rainbow, on a dream; or, fraying minstrels of heartache, into dances of imagination.Imagine that time, that place where closely-knit communities, families and friends were so connected…

There – most healthy traditions were born.~Miss Back In The Day USA (AmericaOnCoffee)~Car Hops

The Miami Herald reported in 1952 on the burgeoning number of local drive-in restaurants staffed by scantily clad young women. “There seems to be a race going on among Miami drive-in restaurant owners to see who can clothe curvaceous curb cuties in the tightest sweaters and the briefest shorts,” a Herald story by reporter Pat Murphy said. “Within metropolitan city limits, there are some 150 drive-in hasheries operating throughout the year.

Of these roadside restaurants, about seven-eighths of them are known to have curb girls — ‘car hops,’ if you please — sprinting between car and kitchen wearing uniforms with little more fabric than two handkerchiefs.” One of the restaurants mentioned was Colonel Jim’s Tasty Thrill on the 79th Street Causeway in Miami Beach where the car hops brought food to patrons in their cars. A sign instructed: “Blink lights for service.”


Car hop days provide happy memories

When I was a teenager and was allowed to use the family car, I would meet my friends at the Washington Boulevard location. I remember the servers would rollerskate up to our car and take our orders.

Sometimes, when they put the tray with food and drinks on the window trays, they would spill either on themselves or on us, and they would apologize to no end.I remember we would pass food from one car to another and on warm nights sit on the hood of the car and just have a ball laughing, planning our summer nights. I remember when it rained, how they tried to keep the food dry.

When I tell my now adult children about these wonderful times, they don’t believe me, but these are some of the best memories of my life and always make me smile and laugh.

I wish I could turn the clock back to those wonderful days.Now we go to the McKnight Road location and are considered regulars, as your staff recognizes us and really takes care of us. We truly love going there. We go at least 2 to 4 times a month. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

The Kaufmans – Pittsburgh, PA

I first saw Ron, my future husband, in home room freshman year at Buchtel High School, September 1952. The teacher seated us alphabetically, then told us to turn around and to say ‘Hi’ to the person in back.

I saw the back of his head first, then when he turned around I saw the cutest guy in the world. I think I determined right then to marry him, but it took me nine years to convince him of that. We dated off and on for all those nine years.

In April 1961, he returned to Akron from basic training in the National Guard. I though for sure he would proposed that night and my heart sank when he didn’t. A week later on April 21, 1961, he picked me up from a night class at Akron University.

I was teaching school during the day.He drove me to Swensons Drive In at the corner of Hawkins and West Market Street. It was there, parked in the car waiting for our wonderful hamburgers that he pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket. What a thrill! A night that is etched in my memory.

We will have been married for 48 years come Sept. 9. And it was certainly worth waiting nine years for that wonderful man!

Pat Miller, Akron
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13 thoughts on “A Town Called Blue (yesterday in your heart)

  1. I am delighted to know Pat. Wishing you many more happy uplifting moments.

  2. So wonderful to know. Thank you Pat Delaney for visiting. 🥰

  3. Your share takes me back to yesterdays. I feel happy.

  4. Hello America on Coffee Friends and Followers. We wish you all well and a wondrous new month. Our schedules here at AOC are ever changing and evolving. Nevertheless, we (with our networkings) are adamant to keep with our goal and mission, TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL, and we will do so on many of our blogs and posts with the inclusion of many other inspirations. Know, that there is no worthier mission, than the Great Commission! Love, Peace and best regards always. AmericaOnCoffee!

  5. Thank you for sharing your uplift. Good memories are nourishments for the soul. Peace and Blessings. 😇💕🎶

  6. Hi Neil. I think there are. There are great historians and lovers of doowop, and diners, as AmericaOnCoffee coffee but some are super intense. And, baby boomers are disappearing, therefore, precious memories, if not maintained, will all disappear. Have an awesome week!💕

  7. ah another time, another place, if only we had appreciated it then, we were too busy living it

  8. True. And some do not know of such a time except thru media. Let’s enliven the fun and goodness! LOL! Have a wonderful week!

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