Whatever Happened To ‘MY THREE SONS’


My Three Sons is an American sitcom. The series ran from 1960 to 1965 on ABC, and moved to CBS until the end of its run on April 13, 1972. My Three Sons chronicles the life of widower and aeronautical engineer Steven Douglas (Fred MacMurray) as he raises his three sons.


  • Fred MacMurray – Steve Douglas
  • Stanley Livingston – Chip Douglas
  • Don Grady – Robbie Douglas
  • Barry Livingston – Ernie Thompson Douglas
  • William Demarest – Uncle Charley O’Casey
  • Tim Considine – Mike Douglas
  • William Frawley – Michael Francis ‘Bub’ O’Casey
  • Tina Cole – Katie Miller Douglas
  • Beverly Garland – Barbara Harper Douglas
  • Dawn Lyn – Dodie Harper Douglas
  • Meredith MacRae – Sally Ann Morrison
  • Butch Patrick – Gordon Dearing
  • Doris Singleton – Margaret Williams
  • Victoria Paige Meyerink – Margaret Spencer
  • Betty Lynn – Janet Dawson
  • Benson Fong – Ray Wong
  • Jodie Foster – Priscilla Hobson
  • Sidney Clute – Bert Henderson
  • Beau Bridges – Russ Burton
  • Susan Gordon – Eloise Patterson
  • Marta Kristen – Linda Francis

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