The Simplest Cup of Coffee… is the most heartwarming

16 thoughts on “The Simplest Cup of Coffee… is the most heartwarming

  1. I look forward to starting each day with a couple of cups of coffee. I didn’t start drinking coffee till I was about 30. I’m 70 now, and wouldn’t think of missing my morning java.
    Have a great week, AOC.

  2. Nice, reminds me of my childhood every morning, that sound, that aroma, and that can of Maxwell House coffee sitting on the counter, I was born in 1939. :)

  3. Hello Eileen. Thank you very much for your visit and comment. Maxwell, Hills Brothers and Folgers are so special to me in memory and smell. There was always plenty of coffee wayback when, because coffee was an American hospitality, and today coffee has gone corporate. ☹️

  4. “Good to the last drop” — how well I remember those words! In fact, i remember some of the old TV commercials better than today’s TV commercials. Maybe that says more about me than the commercials, but I prefer to think that the old ones were just plain more memorable.

  5. Hi mister muse. LOl! Coffee of old was more original than the new. Commercials today are difficult to remember because we are in cyberspace and on cyber time.🤔

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