• Sophia Loren
  • Alain Delon
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Monica Belluci
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Maggie Smith
  • Angela Lansbury
  • Grace Kelly
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Meryl Streep
  • Angie Dickenson
  • Sinéad O’Connor
  • Olivia de Havilland
  • Axl Rose (Born William Bruce Rose)
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Brooke Shields
  • Paul Newman
  • Sean Connery
  • Marlon Brando
  • Sherilyn Fenn
  • Franciose Hardy
  • Cloris Leachman
  • Lois Smith
  • Jodie Foster
  • Harry Belafonte
  • Lucille Ball

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