Tiny Tim’s Death: A Truly Sad & Peculiar Story

Tiny Tim is best known for his unexpected hit song Tiptoe Through The Tulips in 1968, and although you may think of him an anomalous one-hit-wonder, his backstory is actually quite fascinating. He’s not the one-trick-pony oddball that you might think him to be. 

Tiny Tim AKA Herbert Butros Khaury was born in 1932 to immigrant parents that worked in the textile industry. They never expected their son to be the superstar that he later became. He had a fascination with music from a young age despite the fact that he was a rather lackluster student. 

He’s a self-made man. He worked very hard to get to the top. Most of his younger years were spent playing in clubs for next-to-nothing and performing as a sideshow act in Time Square. A few lucky breaks got him featured in some rather obscure feature films before attracting the attention of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and various other variety shows. 

He’s released a dozen or so records and has never deviated from his signature falsetto style. Unfortunately, his health has always plagued him, and it was his persistent heart problems that proved to be the death of him. Find out the heartbreaking truth about his demise. This video is sure to be a tear-jerker, so be warned. 

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