Hollywood Babylon the book vs the film

Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger, was an informative and sentimental read. Many questions that I wanted to know about old film stars and classic Hollywood, were thoroughly compiled into a biographical corridor with windows and backdoors that opened up into the lives and secrets of famous Hollywood personalities. Through reading the book I discovered there were handicap children, murders, deep secrets, mental illnesses, disabilities, illicit relationships, struggles, murders and suicides.

Hollywood Babylon is an earnest gossip book, a tabloid type of journal, bonafide by societal reviews, photos, authentic verifications from recordings, trackings and other forms of recorded documentations.

I have never seen the film version of Hollywood Babylon, but for any classic film lover, film producer, director or screenwriter, reading Hollywood Babylon can only initiate them, into empathy with clients from many entertainment professions, who are “not acting or playing a scripted part” but who have suffered through some of the most unimaginable trials in life. MissBackInTheDayUSA

This is like a documentary on the scandals in the Golden Age of Hollywood during the 1920’s. Contains many reenactments of major scandals.

—Josh Pasnak <chainsaw@intouch.bc.ca>

A faux cautionary documentary based on Kenneth Anger’s book Hollywood Babylon that portrays several notorious celebrity sex scandals from the golden age of Hollywood through film clips and often humorous softcore reenactments. Like the book, the movie covers both real and rumored scandals. The movie consists of sexploitational vignettes narrated by the semi-serious narrator. Some of the real life people portrayed in the movie are not named directly but its heavily implied who they’re suppose to be. The movie focuses on Olive Thomas, Wallace “Wally” Reid, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Marion Davies and the Thomas H. Ince incident, Charlie Chaplin and Lita Grey, Rudolph Valentino, Marlene Dietrich’s bisexuality, Erich von Stroheim, and Clara Bow.imbd

Hollywood, Scandals And Tragedies

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Babylon the book vs the film

  1. I would recommend this book to all Hollywood followers. The stories really tell the personal lives of many stars that we can all relate to.

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