“I love my little calendar girl”… Neil Sedaka


“Calendar Girl” is a song by Neil Sedaka. The music was composed by Sedaka and the lyrics by Howard Greenfield. Recorded in 1960 and released in December of that year, it was a Top-5 hit single for Sedaka, peaking at #4 on the US charts, #3 in Australia, and #1 on the Canadian and Japanese charts.


Howard Greenfield got the inspiration for the song title from an old movie listing in TV Guide. Record producer Joe Viglione, writing for AllMusic, describes the song as a G-rated calendar of pin-ups such as Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe, using verbal rather than visual imagery.


Each month gives a different reason for the singer’s affection for the titular character, and September—”I light the candles at your sweet sixteen”—was a lyrical motif that Howard Greenfield frequently used at the time, including “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen,” released later the same year.


Other months in the song reference Valentine’s Day in February, the Easter Bunny in April, a junior prom in May and June.


Instrumentation on the song was provided by Stan Applebaum and His Orchestra, with Gary Chester on drums. Recording of the song required 26 takes over a three-hour period.


The song was released to a 45 rpm single backed with a country-and-western song, “The Same Old Fool”. Both songs were also released on a Compact 33 Single, a short-lived format that RCA Victor promoted in the early 1960s.

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