Old TV Commercial Marathon

[The following titles and shotlists may be elsewhere on PA-0649; this description may therefore need revision after viewing.]

1. Genteel Baby Bath and Shampoo commercial; probably from around 1950s.

2. Commercial for Post Grape Nuts Flakes cereal.

3. Sanka Coffee commercial

4. Macleans toothpaste commercial.

5. mWonder bread commercial

6. Good Luck Margarine commercial

7. Kellog’s cereal commercial

8. General Electric commercial

9. There is a lpanning over stills of Ninety-Eight Luxury Sedan Oldsmobile car; 1970s commercial.

10. National Airlines commercial

11. Mrs. Olson Bails Out a Barbecue

2 thoughts on “Old TV Commercial Marathon

  1. Hi! Neil! Thank you for listening and appreciating. I was never a grape nut fan. Every cereal was a guy cartoon including rice Chex, Lucky charms and hot cereals. 🤔

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