“Movie Memories and the Dawning of a Drama Queen”


Movie magazines, did me an honor by keeping me abreast of my own stardom.

Every guy at Norwood High knew that I was no paperdoll, but a gorgeous pin up. I was their cheerleading heartbeat whom they could only imagine at lovers lane. And, I was destined to become the 1958 Prom Queen at Norwood High.

Watching my favorite movie was always a raincheck on my fabulous 50s style. A rainy day, front row seat, a box of buttered popcorn, Jujubes, a hanky, with a box of Bonbons. That was me.

The Saturday movie matinee–(Ahhh!) was my perfect place.

It was my own world, an escape from my weekend household chores. And, from the phone mouthpiece. This would be one of those Saturdays that my girlfriends Lydia, Violet and Agnes would have to gossip without me.

The gossip was only going to be about my breakup with my boyfriend Robert. The scoop was– that I gave Robert back his class ring and sweater.

Me, Noreen Mayer, a well-known epitome of Doris Day and Tuesday Weld with the chemistry of Annette Funicello. Even though I watched the same old romantic movies over and over again, I always cried. Somtimes I would get my roles mixed up. Oh no! I am not talking about an on-screen mixup, but my real-life character-role. (Sigh) That is the reason why I broke it off with Robert. While I was on my Tuesday Weld spill, Robert was behaving like Frankie Avalon. I was hoping he would be more brisk just as James Dean or even Paul Anka.

So here I am now… sitting here crying. And No, I am not crying about my breakup with Robert!! This is my first time seeing the movie “Trapeze” starring Burt Reynolds and Tony Curtis with Gina Lollobrigida.

Oh, oh… There is so much love and jealousy in this movie.

Well, It is no secret. You guessed right. I am “The” Drama Queen. And now that I am Gina Lollobrigida, Robert will have to be Tony Curtis. But in order to create a love triangle (the battle for me), I must find the other leading man, ‘a Burt Reynolds’.

2022 ©Doro Dancer/MissBackInTheDayUSA (AOC) all rights reserved

4 thoughts on ““Movie Memories and the Dawning of a Drama Queen”

  1. That’s how drama became a series— it was so much of showings, it poured over onto the big screens. And now we are all in it. True.😞👍

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