The Rabbit’s Foot As a Luck Bringer

The rabbit’s foot, in most English-speaking countries and especially the United States and Great Britain, is considered a good luck charm. In order for the rabbit’s foot to be effective, however, it must be carried on one’s person. Folklore often suggests that the left pocket is the best place to carry the left foot of a rabbit, but it is also common for them to be carried as around the neck or in a pocketbook—most rabbit foot owners are content with simply keeping it nearby. Thanks to the ease in creating inexpensive and abundant imitations, they have proven to be quite common. However, genuine rabbit’s feet are still prevalent, and many animal rights activists encourage this particular tradition to die out.

Such activists are not concerned with rabbit numbers so much as the manner in which rabbit’s feet are harvested. Some traditions maintain that the rabbit must be alive when its foot is severed.


For good luck. a rabbit’s foot was kept as a token or keychain..


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