Wonderful Wonderful is the second album by American pop singer Johnny Mathis that was released on July 8, 1957, on the Columbia Records label but does not include his hit song of the same name or any of his songs that were released as singles that year. The liner notes on the back of the original album cover proclaim that “he stamps as his very own such familiar rhythm tunes as ‘Too Close for Comfort’ and ‘That Old Black Magic’, injects new life in well-known ballads such as ‘All Through the Night’, gives new hearings to several fine standards that have been neglected in recent years, and even introduces a brand new ballad (Alex Fogarty’s ‘Will I Find My Love Today?’).”


  1. Odd, as that I’ve spent a lifetime resenting this man’s fame. I have, since my earliest days in school, been compared to this celebrity (similar facial bone structure, hair, etc). I had no identity of my own, as I was ALWAYS COMPARED to Johnny Mathis, from the littlest girls in the neighborhood to adult women! I borrowed Miles Davis’ black aviators (along with his signature wayfarers) and have been hiding behind them ever since.

  2. We are all special in our own unique ways. We have our own, individual talent of which we are masters at. Surely your special gift in life is just as amazing as his fame! You too are a star!👍☀️

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