“How to Make Banana Split Dessert Ice Cream with Whipped Topping” 

artist:  Norman Rockwell

First of all…

Who Invented the Banana Split?

By Marti Attoun 

Savoring a banana split is a civic duty in Wilmington, Ohio, where residents claim that the king of sundaes was concocted in 1907. One sticky problem, though. In Latrobe, Pa., folks claim that the banana split was created three years earlier in their town.

David Mudd “Ice Cream Joe” Greubel promotes the banana split in Latrobe, Pa.

The debate between the two towns for bragging rights to the all-American banana split is at a sweet stalemate. “We’ve agreed to disagree,” says Debbie Stamper, executive director of the Clinton County (Ohio) Convention and Visitors Bureau. “It’s fun-an Ohio versus Pennsylvania rivalry.”

Latrobe is top banana
While neither town can produce a yellowed newspaper clipping heralding the birth of the banana split, the evidence strongly favors Latrobe, according to food historian Michael Turback, author of The Banana Split Book. The confusion is understandable, though.

“Soda fountains were very competitive” in the early 1900s, Turback says. “They were always trying to outdo each other, to see who had the most elaborate sundaes.”

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artist:  Norman Rockwell

 “How to make Banana Split” 

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