“Gee What A Guy- Yvonne Carroll & The Roulettes (Henz Oldies)” 

Yvonne Carroll is a complete mystery to me. Actually, I didn’t know about her existence until only a few days ago! I have been trying since to find any useful information about this rare early soul singer, with little success, I must say. All I found out is that she recorded about half-a-dozen 45s for different labels, including Vee-Jay, Domain and Challenge, during the early to mid-’60s. She also issued one single in 1963 as Yvonne Carroll and the Roulettes. But I was not able to find a complete discography list or something of the kind: this is the closest I could get (and mostly I did it myself!). Some of these sides are available on different Girl Group / Northern Soul compilations, but otherwise they are quite obscure and hard to get. Anyway, I have gathered here many of her recordings, though I couldn’t find the B-side of the Northern Soul tune ‘A Little Bit of Soap’, ‘Stop the Party’, the A-side of ‘Laugh or Cry’, ‘Magic Moment’, and the 1963 Domain single ‘Earth Angel’ b/w ‘My Sad Love’. Needless to say, a link to any of those would be appreciated! Highlights here include ‘Please Don’t Go’, ‘There He Goes’, ‘Stuck on You’,

‘Gee What A Guy’ and ‘How Long Must This Fool Pay’ a song which bears more than a passing resemblance to Brenda Holloway’s ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’. Yvonne has got a really beautiful velvety voice which I am pretty sure you are going to love as much as I do!


3 thoughts on ““Gee What A Guy- Yvonne Carroll & The Roulettes (Henz Oldies)” 

  1. Real name was Yvonne Morris, from st. Louis, was in band with rich cotton and Snape Malone, scout rock in Robin, snacted her and took her to l. A. And changed her name to you vvone carol, I heard she died in car wreck in LA.

  2. Thank you James for the info. What a sorrowful death she had. There are many songs of Yvonne singing solo and with others that are still in circulation. Her songs bring and keep fond memories alive in our minds and in our hearts. What a talented young lady with a lovely voice. I’m sure Yvonne would be pleased to know that she is remembered in the love she gave so beautifully. Thank you James for stopping in and sharing. Have a good week.❤️💕❤️💕

  3. Thank you for this information,
    although I am very sorry to hear of her fate. We love her.

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