Fosters Freeze… It’s Nostalgic

Its mascot is an ice cream cone wearing a chef’s hat. The restaurant’s slogan was “Everything at Foster’s is wonderful to eat”.

Foster Freeze 1950s – 1960s Menu

Fosters Freeze (full name Fosters Old Fashion Freeze) is a chain of fast-food restaurants in California.

It was founded by George Foster in 1946 on La Brea Avenue in Inglewood, California, a location that still remains.


The Fosters Freeze name comes from the fact that it is best known for its soft-serve ice milk and milkshakes, which is reflected in the marketing slogan, “California’s Original Soft Serve.”

The Fosters Freeze franchise in Hawthorne, California is reported to be the location at which Beach Boy band member Dennis Wilson saw the girl in the Thunderbird he sang about in his song titled “Fun, Fun, Fun.”[7] Recently the USA softball team was seen eating at the Salinas location before heading off to Beijing to participate in the 2008 Olympics.[9] Also, the Atwater Village location was used in a scene of the movie, Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis‘ character runs over Ving Rhames.[10]
After 65 years in the business, Fosters Freeze had more than 100 locations in California as of 2015.

The historical significance embodied in a Fosters Freeze location attracts patrons and has united community members to preserve locations. In 2006, a neighborhood in Menlo Park, located in northern California, presented to their city council a petition with about 800 signatures to avoid demolition of their local Foster’s.

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