“I Want to Live! Official Trailer #1 – Susan Hayward Movie (1958) HD” 

​Directed by Robert Wise

Produced by Walter Wanger

Screenplay by Nelson Gidding

Don Mankiewicz

Based on Newspaper articles and letters

by Edward S. Montgomery

Barbara Graham

Starring Susan Hayward

Simon Oakland

Virginia Vincent

Theodore Bikel

Music by Johnny Mandel

Cinematography Lionel Lindon

Edited by William Hornbeck




Distributed by United Artists

Release date

November 18, 1958 (United States)

Running time

120 minutes

Country United States

Language English

Budget $1,383,578[1]

Box office $5,641,711[1]

I Want to Live! is a 1958 film noir written by Nelson Gidding and Don Mankiewicz, produced by Walter Wanger, and directed by Robert Wise, which tells the story of a woman, Barbara Graham, a habitual criminal convicted of murder and facing execution. It stars Susan Hayward as Graham, and also features Simon Oakland, Stafford Repp, and Theodore Bikel. The movie was adapted from letters written by Graham and newspaper articles written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ed Montgomery. It presents a somewhat fictionalized version of the case showing a possibility of innocence concerning Graham. Today, the charge would be known as felony murder.
The film earned six Oscar nominations, with Hayward winning a Best Actress Oscar at the 31st Academy Awards.

The film tells the story of the life and execution of Barbara Graham (Hayward), a prostitute and convicted perjurer. Graham is the product of a broken home, and works luring men into fixed card games. At one point, she attempts to go straight but marries the “wrong man,” and has a child. He is a drug addict and she ends their relationship.

When her life falls apart, she returns to her former professions and becomes involved with a man who had murdered a woman. The police arrest them, and her companions accuse her of the murder to reduce their own chances of going to the gas chamber. She claims her innocence, but is convicted and executed.

2 thoughts on “ “I Want to Live! Official Trailer #1 – Susan Hayward Movie (1958) HD” 

  1. I did see this, great film, and what a performance from Susan Hayward, one of my favourites. Died too soon she was one of those victims from the film she made with John Wayne in the desert where some testing was taking place I believe “Genghis Khan” I think was the film. Many from that film later died as a result of what took place, including John Wayne although never proved I guess.

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