“NO MAN OF HER OWN starring Barbara Stanwyck”


Mitchell Leisen
Produced by Richard Maibaum
Screenplay by Sally Benson
Catherine Turney
Based on the novel I Married a Dead Man 
by Cornell Woolrich
Starring Barbara Stanwyck
John Lund
Phyllis Thaxter
Jane Cowl
Lyle Bettger
Music by Hugo Friedhofer
Cinematography Daniel L. Fapp
Edited by Alma Macrorie
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
February 21, 1950 (United States)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

No Man of Her Own is a 1950 film noir directed by Mitchell Leisen and featuring Barbara Stanwyck, John Lund, Phyllis Thaxter, Jane Cowl and Lyle Bettger.[1]

It was the second film she made with director Mitchell Leisen and it was based on the Cornell Woolrich novel I Married a Dead Man. Woolrich is credited as William Irish in the film’s opening credits.


Helen Ferguson (Barbara Stanwyck) is eight months pregnant and unmarried. When she goes to her unfaithful boyfriend Morley for help, all he gives her is a train ticket back to where she came from.

The train crashes while Helen is on board, and she is mistaken for another pregnant woman, who was killed on the train. Helen gives birth to her child and is accepted by the Harknesses, the family of the dead woman’s husband, Hugh Harkness, who was also killed in the train crash.

Since the family had never seen their son’s new wife, they believe Helen to be her. The family believes her lapses of memory and uncertain behavior are after effects of the train wreck.

With a better life provided for her child, Helen continues the ruse while Bill Harkness (John Lund), who is the brother of the deceased Hugh, falls in love with her. The story takes a turn for the worse when Helen’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child tracks her down several months after the accident. Morley (Lyle Bettger) was called in to identify the body at the morgue after the tragic train accident, and he figures out through a series of events that Helen is hiding and now married into money. Being the conniving fellow that he is, Morley contacts Helen (now living as Patrice) and forces her into wedlock. But before his dastardly plan can take full effect, he winds up dead, and the real twist is who exactly the murderer is.



Barbara Stanwyck as Helen Ferguson/Patrice Harkness
John Lund as Bill Harkness
Jane Cowl as Mrs. Harkness
Phyllis Thaxter as Patrice Harkness
Lyle Bettger as Stephen ‘Steve’ Morley
Henry O’Neill as Mr. Harkness
Richard Denning as Hugh Harkness
Harry Antrim as Ty Winthrop
Esther Dale as Josie
Milburn Stone as Plainclothesman
Griff Barnett as Dr. Parker



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